There is big hypocrisy among Ghanaians, for instance, majority of Ghanaians watch porn movies and even do worst any day but will turn around and call out people for the little bit of exposure.

Yesterday Boys Kasa Star, Ahuof3 Patri shared the picture above ( later removed) to tease her male fans and by now we guess she regrets doing it. The prize you pay for being famous.

A while back, I’m sure no one would have cared. We see nothing wrong with the picture but Ghanaians think other wise, some threw insults under the photo whilst the rest preached her … Sigh! You just can’t be sophisticated in this part of the world.

Well, apart from what looks like a bulge in the guy’s shorts, do you find anything wrong with the photo above? Read some of the comments below

Source : OMGGhana : Read more here



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