Tyga is now the new face of the premium gold smoking company Shine Papers, an organization best known for the production of tobacco, weed, wraps and everything related to that!

The former Cash Money star – who is expected to drop his "Gold Album" soon – was paid a whopping $5 million for the new project.

So just how would Tyga be repping his new weed brand?

He was spotted at the Los Angeles airport early this week covered in gold. He had gold chains, gold relics and even a gold-plated phone... not to mention some gold 'papers'.

According to TMZ, the 'papers' were covered in 24 carats gold and they leave a sexy golden ash.
The site also claims each pack of 12 papers goes for $55. Now, who ever said, gold-covered 'papers' (cigarettes) come cheap?

You can only smoke 'em when you can afford 'em!



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