Technology has really advanced, some few years back painting of pictures was made with paints and brushes. But lately our artists have taken a new turn with their workpiece.
Recently, some celebrities endorsed Ghanaian graphic designer Nils Britwum after using his works as their profile picture on instagram and twitter page. Nils Britwum has popped out from nowhere to release beautiful pieces of artworks.

Young Ghanaian artist Nils Britwum has released yet another masterpiece of artwork of some Ghanaian celebrities in the showbiz. 

His works featured the sensational Sister Deborah,Joselyn Dumas, Juliet Ibrahim, Majid Michel and rapper Sarkodie, and Don Jazzy concluded as some of the very best of his digital artwork.

Nils is an old student of Ghana National College  who is inspired by nature and the beautiful things it has to offer. We look forward to seeing more exquisite artwork from this young man.
Follow him on twitter and instagram @nilsbritwum



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