Remember when we told you about a lawsuit against 50 Cent, in which a company named Sleek Audio claimed he stole the design for a brand of headphones they worked on together and tried to market it out on his own?

Well, Fif apparently failed to pay $17.2 million judgement he was hit with, after the law sided with Sleek, and now because of that his personal bank account is frozen. You know, per the law, when you don’t pay a judgement the winner can garnish your wages and freeze your bank accounts.

Though, a source has told TMZ that 50 has complete access to his business bank accounts, so it’s not like he’s broke.. After all, Forbes did estimate his net worth to be around $140 million. Which is probably why the fact that his personal account is currently off limits, Fif still can afford to buy a brand new awesome Ferrari.



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