Did you lose a couple of followers today on Instagram? If you're Rihanna, you lost 1.2 million on Thursday. Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million. Even beloved talk show host grand diva Oprah saw her Instagram follower count drop.

The sudden drop people saw is because the social media giant is making an effort to scrub the service of spammers and other accounts that don't meet their standards. It's no secret that social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are overrun by annoying spambots. (Just a few hours ago I got one on Twitter urging my "great important attention at this most important value savings deal.") But it's one thing to be besieged by the occassional shitty spambot blabbering about porn or some app you should download.

The issue now is far too many social media managers and online "entrepreneurs" have figured out how to game the system, buying up fake followers in the millions to bolster up the image of their product or client. (It's super easy to do, too.) If you've ever wondered why cheesy reality show stars seem to amass millions of followers overnight, it's likely because some PR agency is doling out hard cash to make it look like millions of people can't get enough of said celeb's Twitter or Instagram feed.

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