In a recent announcement via a blog post, Instagram has announced that public figures, celebrities, and brands will soon be able to get their Instagram accounts verified like they can on Twitter or Facebook. Instagram has also vowed to increase its efforts to delete spammy or fake Instagram accounts.

Verification on Instagram makes sense and will be very beneficial to users, especially brands and celebrities who often have to deal with fake accounts. Earlier this year, after famous singer Rihanna deactivated her Instagram account, a fake profile turned up pretending to be her new one. Rihanna became aware of this and had to post on Twitter to tell its nearly 50,000 followers that it wasn’t really her.

Another celebrity, Lena Dunham used her own Instagram account earlier this year to post that a profile of fellow “Girls” star Jemima Kirke wasn’t really her.

The verified badges will be for: celebrities, athletes, and brands according to the company. This will make it easier for users to connect with the authentic accounts that they are looking for. Instagram is growing rapidly and they are putting more focus on helping users discover videos and photos from people that they care about.

Last month, Instagram launched a People tab on the Explore page that highlights interesting accounts to follow and they also launched improvements to search. Keeping Instragram authentic will be critical to their growth. Users want to see real people and brands share real moments. Fake accounts are very detrimental to the Instagram user experience and the company is doing everything possible to keep their platform free from fake, spammy accounts. Instagram has increased its effort in deleting these types of accounts on a continuous basis and most of these accounts are deleted forever.

Instagram has over 300 million actives users and these users post over 70 million photos and videos each day. Instagram presents many marketing and branding opportunities for businesses and having verified badges for these brands will attract many more companies to the platform.

We would like to thank Instagram and Business Insider for their informative articles on Verified Badges.



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