Embattled broadcast personality, KKD, has been denied bail. He is to reappear in court on January 8.
KKD is being held for a rape related offence. He has since been taken to the scene of the alleged incident as part of the investigation process.

The incident, reported by a lady, whose name has only been given as Effie, was said to have taken place at the African Regent Hotel, in Accra.

The Police are exploring many angles in their investigations including relying on the hotel’s Closed Circuit Television camera to adduce some evidence.

 He has since denied the claim, insisting the act was consensual.

Rape is a non-bailable offence in Ghana. Section 97 of the Criminal Offence Act (COA) categorizes rape as a first degree felony punishable by law. It is backed by Section 98, which defines rape as carnal knowledge of a female of not less than sixteen years without her consent.

He faces up to between 5 to 25 years in jail if found guilty.

Source: Enewsgh



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