Amber Rose is free to do whatever she wants now that she’s a single lady after filing for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, but one thing she isn’t doing is dating her manager nick cannon whom she was accused of having an affair with prior to splitting from her rapper hubby. In a new interview clarifying her relationship status, Amber insists that she “doesn’t have time for a man” and is solely focused on raising her young son.

Just hours after it was revealed that Amber, 30, had ended her 14-month marriage to Black & Yellow rapper Wiz, rumours began circulating that she was secretly involved romantically with Nick, 35, who had been announced as her new manager the week before. Just last week, the friends had been seen partying together in London, and yesterday evening, they were seen together at the Beverly Hilton XXIV Karat Sparking Wines party, fuelling those rumours once again.

With Nick now managing her career, it’s only to be expected that the pair will be spending more time together so in a bid to silence the rumour mill, Amber has addressed the topic once and for all, telling Hollywood Life the number one report that she would like to clear up: “Um, that I’m sleeping with Nick Cannon. I was like, ‘damn Nick, that’s kind of cool for you dude, but it ain’t happening!’”

When asked if she’s dating anyone else, she insisted: “I’m just not ready for that. Like I said, I’m focused on my son and I’m focused on work and I really don’t have time for a man right now. I mean you know, I am going through a divorce and technically I’m single I guess you could say. But you know, I’m just not ready for that. Like I said, I’m focused on my son and I’m focused on work and I really don’t have time for a man right now.”

They may not be dating but Nick and Amber are clearly very fond of each other, as he told the New York Post’s Page Six: “I feel like she’s one of those people who is truly an icon when it comes to fashion, style, and even just someone in pop culture,” while he also addressed the dating rumours to Dish Nation earlier this week, explaining that he’s still getting over the end of his marriage to Mariah Carey.

“I think the wound’s too fresh to even be thinking about that right now. That’s someone that I’m managing. I’m really excited about everything she’s about to do in her career and building her brand. I manage a lot of people, but obviously that’s one, because she’s in the news as well and kind of a public figure, people just kind of latched onto that as the media does at times,” he told them.



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