This incident that took place in kampala has left everyone in a sad mood. A married woman was caught red handed by her husband cheating with a gateman in their matrimonial home.

The husband returned back home in the afternoon to pick some documents when he witnessed the unbelievable.

Infact, it was actually their first time between the wife aand the gateman but it didn’t just work out for them. The gateman confessed that the woman compromised him after she called him inside the house for lunch.

 Normally he would carry the food back to his boys quarter, but this time the woman called him right inside her bedroom were she had already dished out food for the both of them. He always added that he was shocked but didn’t know what she actually had in mind until she got him in a compromising situation that he couldn’t resist.

Well, I guess he ‘d have to live with the regrets all his life for having such a little faith. You just need to watch this video for the full details.  To Watch The Video CLICK HERE



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