Comedienne Jacinta who is of both Nigerian and Ghanaian descendants stood her grounds in lifting and maintaining the affinity of the house during her period spent on stage for a stand-up comedy.

Just as attendees felt bored and tired comedienne Jacinta who has been on a couple of stand-up comedy grounds gave everyone present a reason to loosen up by laughing and for that matter – value for money.

The comedian who is able to speak exclusively in both Nigerian and Ghanaian tongue thrilled the house with jokes about personalities such as Sarkodie, Itz Tiffany, Yemi Aladey and a lot more.

Her showmanship was one that was incredible and she told with her gestures, one thing every public speaking personality ought to possess – adlibbing [Adlibs]

Laughing, giggling and applauding was continuous until she left the stage and Funny face always say “to save your good works in comedy whilst performing on stage, you ought to leave when the affinity in the house has been lifted very high.

Guess what? She did same too.

Ah0)f3 Patricia lauded the young champ and recommended Jacinta for higher offices.

Story by : Manuel King



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