The wearable category has opened the door to several interesting product ideas, one of which is a bracelet that turns your arm into a touchscreen. Say what? It's called the Cicret Bracelet (pronounced "Secret") and it's currently in development, though you won't find it hanging out on any crowdfunding sites. Instead, the developers are seeking donations on their own in hopes of raising 700,000 euros to finish the first prototype.

It's an interesting design that makes use of a picoprojector and various proximity sensors, the latter of which pick up your gesture actions and commands. Just like a glass touchscreen, you can tap your forearm and perform touch functions, even when it's wet (taking a bath, for instance).

Supposedly the device can do anything a phone or tablet can do, Daily Mail reports. That includes things like read emails, hop around the web, play games, watch videos, make calls, and more.

It's being built to sync with an iPhone, though it can also function as a standalone device. Should the project come to fruition, it will cost around $475 and come in 16GB and 32GB models in choice of 10 colors.



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