Divorces are messy, especially when kids are involved and the Cash Money Records/Birdman Lil Wayne divorce is about as messy as it gets.

Just a few days ago news broke that Wayne was indeed suing Cash Money for his freedom, money and the rights to Drake and Nicki Minaj. Well today TMZ claims they got their hands on the lawsuit and know just how much money Weezy wants.

Brace yourself.

Tunechi is suing CMR for a whopping $51 million as well as the rights to all Young Money recordings, which of course includes the aforementioned superstars Drake and Nicki.

According to the report, Wayne is already owed $10 million in advances for Tha Carter V, which he began recording in 2013, including $8 million up front. Wayne allegedly hasn’t received any of it so far.

There’s no telling where this goes and Birdman has remained silent throughout the entire ordeal. This isn’t the first time someone has had money issues with Baby/Cash Money and it won’t be the last. But, this certainly could be the most costly.

Wayne’s $51 million is already a fortune but the rights to Drake and Nicki could be worth multiple times that. The Young Money imprint itself will draw plenty of attention as major labels look to unite with the powerful brand that houses three of raps biggest superstars today.

Things are getting a lot worse before they get any better in the house that The Hot Boys built and this is far from over.

Source: UPROXX



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