HKN boss, Davido recently shared one of his high school experiences, which is by no means pleasant.

 It is simply a flashback by the ‘Aye’ singer to a time in school when one of his teachers, in particular, his French teacher, told him the probability of success for him is very remote.

Today, the 22-year old singer is on top of his game as a pop star not just in Nigeria but on the entire African continent, with countless local and international awards to his credit as well as chart-topping singles.

In a recent instagram post, the BET award winner shared the experience, writing: ‘My French teacher in high school told me I was the MOST UNLIKELY TO SUCCEED JOKES ON HER.’

While the teacher might be thinking of success in terms of grades and white collar jobs, Davido has chosen a different path in music and cannot by any means be described as unsuccessful even if he can still achieve a lot more yet....

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