Halle Berry has claimed she has always found it difficult to land great acting roles throughout her career because she is a woman of colour.

 The 48-year old actress – whose mother, Judith is Caucasian while her father Jerome is African/American – insists it has always been hard for her to land great jobs and as she gets older, there is a shortage of parts available to her because she is of mixed race.

 In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said: ‘I’ve always had a hard time getting roles, being of colour, so I’ve got as many available to me as I’ve always had – there’s no difference for me.

When I was 21, it was as hard as it is now when I’m 48. For me it’s the same.’ Halle is, to date, the only black star to win the Best Actress Oscar, landing the accolade for her performance in ‘Monster’s Ball’.

However, the Hollywood beauty believes it’s only a matter of time before she loses that title. When asked if she’s disappointed to be the only black woman to win the accolade, she said:

‘I’m disappointed. I’m inspired though, when I see how many people of colour are doing such good work out there. The quality and value of our work isn’t determined by an award. I would like to see more of them recognised, absolutely, but we all need to find the win in the work, and doing our craft.

The real win is when we’re not just selling stories of colour, that people of colour can be in everyday stories. Where we’re not saying, ‘These are the movies for black people.’...



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