This according to the ECG would help individuals and companies adequately plan and know when they would have power. Speaking at a stakeholders forum organized by the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC), Director of Operations at the ECG, Tetteh Okine said "we want to publish this on Friday.

"We would be starting this from Friday so we want to publish it on the same day. We have booked spaces in all the papers so that we would come out with the program. We have spoken to industry, we have spoken to the mines but these are the ones that the general public would be using."

Currently the unannounced schedule stands at 24 hours off and 12 hours on for homes and domestic use and 24 hours off and 24 hours on for industries.

Mr. Okine however fell short of assuring consumers that the ECG would stick to the new time table since they have in previous times gone contrary to the guide. Earlier this week, the Minister for Power, Dr. Kwabena Donkor at an emergency press conference ordered the ECG to publish a load shedding timetable for domestic users and industry. He however warned the ECG to stick to the timetable when they publish it.

Ghana has been bedeviled with very erratic power supply which has frustrated businesses with some industries laying off workers due to the loss in revenue.

There have been several assurances from the power providers and government indicating that the crisis would be resolved in the shortest possible time but a cross section of the public say they have given up on the government since none of the promises see the 'LIGHT' of day.

President Mahama has visited a number of power plants expected to add on to the national grid. Government has expressed its frustration on the issue and apologized to Ghanaians for the inconveniences.

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