Yippee,happy new month to you all and as you know this is the month of love,Gh Links have decided to caution our so called boss chicks  and celebrities who flaunts their butt and boobs on social media for the viewing pleasure of their followers.

Please ooooh , we don't want to hear or see any leaked sextape on social media.. If you like try it..lolx

Before you watch this video,lets define  Sex tape : A sex tape is an amateur pornographic video recording, involving one or two person(s) which has, intentionally or unintentionally, been made available publicly. Most often, such video tapes are released without the consent of their “characters” or “actors”.  

To Watch The Video CLICK HERE

Will It Ever End? I didn’t really know how to begin this write up, but then I remembered it’s about people and sometimes the ‘silly’ things we do in the name of love or infatuation or whatever you choose to call it.

 Let me take you to the good book, the Bible. The first man on earth Adam (According to my belief) sinned for love. In the same book, the strongest man ever to walk the surface of this earth Sampson, lost his strength and died for love. In Shakespeare’s world, Romeo and Juliet both died for love. So apparently, doing silly things in the name of love has been an old age occurrence.

 Presently, the latest craze to please a lover and spice up the love and romance in Ghana is taking nude selfies. To take this a step further is the making of sex tapes. As you watch this video, I am certain some couple somewhere in Ghana are seriously planning to film their sexual act on Valetines day .

 Somewhere last year, Ghanaians have been inflicted with three different sex tapes and it seems the game is just about to begin in this world of ‘home-made porn’.

 And in the below video, a young woman has decided to give an Advance Warning to the LADIES before VALENTINES day .



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