Ladies and Gentlemen the wait is over, creopresent to you "THE ORIGINS OF OKOMFO ANOKYE" 

The high noon sun burns a distinct red this day…. Clad in his war paint with  priestly  scars of the highest order etched into his skin,  Okomfo Anokye, high priest of the Ashanti people stands beside his King Osei Tutu as they calmly watch the approach of the massive Denkyira Army.
The war has spanned 3 years. The great Ashanti people, despite their bravery  and inextinguishable desire to resist the enemy have been pushed back behind their city’s walls. Here they await the numerically superior Denkyira who are confident in their own victory and march with an unforgiving  desire to conquer their most resilient and stubborn foes so far. However, where most would surrender, the Ashanti defy. Where most would run, they stand and embrace death. The silence which fills the city is not as a result of fear, but from a unified focus on the task at hand and a complete belief and faith in one man….their general, and high priest.
This story follows the almost mythical  journey of a key figure behind the Ashanti Kingdom’s unification. Cloaked in an aura of greatness since birth,  it was not long before Okomfo Anokye attained priesthood and a reputation for military brilliance.  Stories of his mystical powers spread beyond the land and every powerful warlord wanted his allegiance. The Denkyira had been for years overlords of the Ashantis but divisions within the Ashantis themselves made it impossible for them to organize and fight their common enemy… That is, until on invitation by King Osei Tutu, the great priest settled in Ashanti and became the King’s Advisor.
Watch the story unfold as Okomfo Anokye uses his astute political mind, military prowess and his spiritual and mystical gifts to forge into existence one of the greatest African Empires in History.  It is an epic journey of a man destined for greatness. From his birth when his palms were inseparably clasped together, to his summoning of the Golden Stool which symbolizes the sovereignty of Ashanti it is clear that he was destined to bring together a great Empire.



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