Ghanaian rapper, Elorm Adabla, commonly known by his stage name EL has said he is having a tough time finding a girlfriend because most ladies do not trust celebrities and are afraid of committing to them.

“A lot of people don’t trust artistes like myself, like stars like myself. They think we are promiscuous but that’s not true.

“So I guess I’m just having a tough time finding someone who would trust me and be there for me,” he told Kafui Dey on Starr 103.5FM on Wednesday.

EL who was a guest on the Morning Starr said he is an individual who is totally honest with himself and would want a trustworthy person for a partner.

“She has to be able to trust me and also has to be honest with herself”.

The record producer-cum-sound engineer who just launched his newest track State of the Nation, also shared some tips on how he managed to remain relevant and successful in his career.
According to him, it is important for an artiste to be able to step out of himself and assess his/her progress each time.

“I am my biggest critic,” he said.

He revealed also that he controls his excitement when his fans celebrate him so as not to allow it to get into his head.

“Most of the hype that I get, I am like: ‘See you, see you. You go flow me like this noorr, the next artiste will come wey so noorrr u go flow am’” he said in pidgin.

“It’s very unsettling when your energy level is on, lets say three, and someone approaches you with a certain energy which is like 50 and starts screaming EL!!! It’s good, I appreciate all the love that I get all the time but sometimes I’m like: ‘Chaley, chaley I make wild.’”

Source: StarrFmOnline



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