Stacy Amoateng, the TV presenter who hosted Mzbel on her talk show “Restorations”, which has generated lots of controversies due to the latter’s comment that “Jesus Christ Is Fake”, has made it clear that she will not comment on the allegations made against her and her hubby, Quophi Okyeame by hiplife musician.

Stacy in an interview with peacefmonline.com said. “I refuse to comment on anything Mzbel has said. It’s been over a week since she made those allegations and I have not spoken about it anywhere. Silence is golden and it can never be misquoted, she continued.

“I refuse to get to her level, I will not do that because I am too matured for that.”

Stacy on Mzbel’s manager asking them to edit the part of the interview which has generated the controversy said “it’s all never true”.
“So she should go on saying whatever she wants to say. It’s been about 6 weeks since Mzbel’s interview was aired. We have moved on and I am not commenting on it – Ghanaians should be the judges.

When she was doing the interview, there was no gun to her head. She said a lot of things we laughed about  and nobody accused her of anything.”

Source: PeacefmOnline



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