Ghana’s top buzzing Fante rapper was on eTv last night for an interview, and he talked about a lot of stuffs. He recalled how his ex-girlfriend dumped his because he was a “Nobody”.
From his own mouth, the rapper said he is a shy guy and doesn’t know how to talk to girls.
According to him, he is a big time P.O.P guy who turns dumb after saying “Hi” to ladies because he has nothing else to tell them.
“I don’t know how to talk to girls. I’m a shy person and I wouldn’t know what to say next after exchanging pleasantries. I know I’m the Realer No but if I’m around beautiful girls I’m left dumbfounded.”
In an interview on e.TV, the “Realer No” rapper narrated how his girlfriend left him. He said that knowledge brought about his latest single “Ay3 late”
“Yes, I think last two years, she dumbed me, I was a nobody. And that’s what the song Ay3 Late is all about. That’s the whole story in that record. I had nothing, I was a struggling rapper, I lost my job and so she dumped me. But after I made Realer No and Wave with Joey; she tried to get back but I told her it was too late!”
Funny how things change when you never give up  and them hoes start coming back when you make it. I say too bad for the lady.



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