After suffering a huge backlash for her comments about Christ in her interview on ‘Restorations, Mzbel has tried to explain her stance further in the media, including a video message on YouTube.
Mzbel revealed on the TV show that she did not believe in the story of Jesus Christ because it was made up. The singer has blamed Stacy the host of the Restoration show for intentionally showing that interview to promote her show.

Mzbel stated in an interview with Graphic Showbiz that Stacy was a very good friend who knew well that she did not believe in Jesus Christ but she went ahead to ask anyway, and when she even asked her to edit that part of the interview she and her production refused her request.

Stacy however did not take Mzbel’s accusations well. She has replied Mzbel, asking her to think before she acts and she should take responsibility of her actions.

The host of the “Restorations” show took to instagram to voice out her feelings writing; “Growing up i ve learnt to taken responsibility of my actions, thoughts and speech. Before i speak i think through it in my mind and soul. When u dont do this and ur irresponsibilty lands u in trouble. You dont blame anyone for ur calculated irresponsibility”

“ We’re the makers of our lots. I refuse to associate with people who cant be responsible for their actions. Because paying it mind is A TOTAL INSULT TO MY INTELLIGENCE. THINK BEFORE U ACT AND THINK”, she added.

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