Aho)f3 patri has become a house hold name thanks to the hit youtube skit ‘Kalybos’.                               

From airtel billboards, to newspaper front pages, she is what you describe as the ‘it’ girl of the moment. Her fans range from children to adults of all ages and you can say she is enjoying the moment.

However, in an exclusive interview on the popular ‘Delay Show’ hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso, the gorgeous young lady broke down and cried like a baby all because of one man, and no, it’s not Kalybos.                                               

Priscila Agyemang when asked about her ideal man for marriage bluntly said, it’s definitely wouldn’t be someone like her dad, the show had to take a break so she just put herself back together and dry her tears….
Tune in to Viasat 1tomorrow at 5pm this friday to catch the full interview and find out what she said about her dad.

Watch a sneak peak of the interview below



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