The Truth is I am a little obsessed with small businesses that have philanthropic background attached to them. I find it inspiring because they are regular people just like you and me, trying to do extraordinary things that can benefit the world. I decided that I wanted to speak to Thomas Osei, CEO and founder of Terkloving, Well, guys in all actuality we couldn’t sit down to have a one on one conversation only because I live in Atlanta, and he lives in New Jersey! So we did the next best thing, social media.(FaceTimed) before we get into the logistics of the interview.

First and foremost Thomas is a gentleman who is extremely down to earth (a little background about you school n what you study, interest) and his Instagram and Facebook inspires me even ever I see his post on my timeline. Check him out @Terkclothing and @Terkloving
The FaceTime interview session with Thomas was very laid back. Believe it or not, it took me forever to call him as my mother wanted me to do a million of things for her at the same time. Mothers ehh.

Thomas was patient with me even though My mum was disturbing me through out “as a joke lol”) As I was anxious to know Thomas and his ideas the first question that every interviewer ask is how he got into fashion because it’s normal to see guys working in the fashion industry and mostly everyone is coming out with a clothing line. He stated that it was because he won the best dressed during senior year and he was keen in creating a style that will catch the eye of every individual. also he find fashion as a very relaxing past time for him and wanted to involve it with his actual work life. Mr. Osei studied at (blah blah got his bachelor’s in Public health but found that he kept running back to fashion, so he decided to incorporate his degree, and his passion.

 He started Terkloving in 2011 (background about the company) His goal was to educate people on their background and culture through (something call me and we will talk about that) and their community through fashion. One might ask, why not just start a charity? Why Fashion? He decided to go with fashion because fashion unifies people, and it truly is a beautiful thing when it breaks cultural barriers, no one thinks of color when fashion is involved, says Mr. Osei.

Not only did I love his clothing line, I honestly love his personality and sense of humor, and I wanted to know where such positivity comes from. He stated that growing up here (United States of America) Africa was viewed in a negative light, more derogatory light, so he wanted to shed a positive light on Africa and let everyone know that they ought to respect the kingdom that we (human race) originated from.

Me being the curious cat that I am, I had to ask Thomas what is most challenging about starting his clothing line and seeing it through? His reply was, when you have an version and you want to achieve it, nothing stops you, it takes prayers, hardworking, determination, time and effort, it was hard but with the help of his loved ones, He was able to make terk a dream come through. He also stated that what he enjoys most about designing clothes is the inspiration behind it and the responds he got from people all over the world, people have accepted it in a positive manner and he’s forever grateful to God.

For more information on Terkloving and Mr. Osei check out his site: WWW.Terkloving.com



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