Over the past few years, many Ghanaians have had to debate over who a celebrity is even though there are well defined meanings as to who one is. In Ghana, it is quite certain that you become a celebrity just when you appear on TV just as controversial musician Wanlov the Kubolor says. In his own words. “appear on TV, you be celebrity”. Well, it’s not just about the rhyme but what he says in that line.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a celebrity is a “famous person, especially in entertainment or sport” but what we do see down here? Well, let me not bother you with definitions and the origin of the word as that does not really have an impact on my intended piece.

Until joining the showbiz fraternity (which I never dreamt of joining though), I was made to believe and even thought the very people I saw on TV during live shows, music videos and all were super humans just as North Koreans were made to and continue to believe about their president in The Interview but years down the lane, I realize most popular people (who for purposes of this article will refer to as celebrities) are living a life of deceit. (Most young dudes still have this mentality though, I mean the one U had earlier).

With the advent of social media and the privilege of my job as a radio presenter and blogger, I have had the chance to meet with so many people and followed people who will out of the dark explain to me the difficulty they go through just keep up with public expectations. The question is, who forces them? Society?

Well, this is not to betray the the ethics of my job but I remember Paedae of Ghanaian music group R2Bees coming out clearly to explain how difficult it was/is for some artists to make it since Ghana lacked a proper industry. He touched on all the flashy things around them that make people feel they are indeed making it. Yes, of course, they need to look good for the cameras all the time (just to deceive you) but do you have any idea what some of these people go through.

On several occasions, celebrities have been bashed for repeating outfits to occasions, been forced to donate huge sums at functions and all that due to pressure but the reality is, do they really live that true life?

Do you know why some of them die just like that? Well, it could be because society expects so much from them and they are not able to live with it. Anyway, is it compulsory to live according to the dictates of society? A question I guess would be best answered by these ‘celebrities’.

Well, this is just a scratch on the surface of the topic I would to discuss but I get lost in my own thoughts anytime I attempt writing this. Maybe, I would be writing the whole thing or not but let this inspire you to ask questions and hey, the next time you want to get that red carpet lifestyle, think twice and remember you may not be able to wear that same outfit to any public function again, lol.



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