Internet Sensations, Kalybos and Ahuof3 Patri were on TLNCS to market their coming ninety minute long moving picture Kalybos in China.

The other half the performing squad Ahouf3 Patri revealed;

“I need to target being Associate in Nursing actor currently on the other hand i'll wish to write someday soon; as a result of I’m to a small degree autocratic generally as a result of i favor things to my manner.”

Ahuof3 continued;

“I suppose there’s Associate in Nursing Ahuf3 Patri in each woman and each woman includes a Kalybos in her life. Personally, I’m quiet however not keep. i'll wish to understand folks before I open up to them. I’m my mom’s solely female offspring therefore we've that bond wherever she is aware of everything regarding American state. The boys returning around American state and every one those things.”

Touching on her new found fame, Patri said;

“I have cried many times as a result of I browse many things regarding American state and that i marvel wherever they were returning from. regarding ninety nine are sensible to American state however the common fraction will be terribly mean.”

“I was ready for this however i assume I underestimated the recognition of the complete issue. it absolutely was simply short videos and other people are acting in long movies and haven’t gotten this fashionable.”

The season finale of TLNCS airs these days at nine.30PM on eTV.



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