Someway Bi rapper, M.anifest went on a twitter rant to register his disappointment in Ghana's media promoting foreign artists prior to Ghanaian abilities.
The rapper, getting ready to unleash his next album wrote;

“Yesterday, while driving, I detected a jingle on radio advertising a show to reward the most effective Marley imitator in Gold Coast. dissatisfactory.”

“Sometimes it feels as if Ghanaians wish to be everybody, however ourselves.”

The rapper in another tweet commented on Kendrick Lamar’s Pimp A Butterfly album that born earlier in the week.

“I invariably grasp i am reaching to like associate degree album once casual listeners decision it trash. I bear in mind once the Love Below born. Same thing.”

“Was being attentive to Kendrick's album early within the am these days. 3x. good creator. Dope music. Provocative. That mofo is bold!”

“I'm a sucker for music with vibes, that is generous with truth, and has high replay worth.”

He took a swipe at artists UN agency compiled their hit singles and conferred them as albums.

“But in Africa the idea of constructing albums was dead slightly whereas back. build singles. place them along. a lot of like compilations.”

“Brymo one amongst the few still creating albums on this aspect. a pair of reprehensively slept on albums. Asa clearly, however that one dey completely different boat within.”

“When the stylemakers have dangerous taste.”

“When they require to silence reason and unafraid believe US having the ability to be bigger they will say "you dey rush," "you be too far-famed," etc.”

“No chill. i am even tempted to announce the title of my next album this morning. however build I apply the brakes tiny.”



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